Wood Services

In this section, we have focused on The elegance of wood services including stairs, doors, and parquet flooring, is a testament to the timeless attraction and natural beauty of wood.

Master Craftsmanship


Our craftsmen are a testament to cleverness in every stroke and detail of their work.

Their hands weave stories into every piece they create, infusing each item with a unique blend of skill, creativity, and passion.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of their craft, they navigate the complexities of woodworking effortlessly, turning raw materials into masterpieces that speak volumes about their expertise.


Home Styling

From space planning and colours to custom furniture and home decor, Our Home Stylist will help you add beauty into your home.

Custom Furniture

From complex carpentry to flawless finishes, our craftsmen show their cleverness in every piece. Ensuring that every curve, line, and surface is accurately crafted to perfection.




We offer creative architecture and interior designs for residential and commercial projects.
If you are unsure of what you require for your new design, material, color or style. Sequoia architects will be happy to help you to get the right Design.

Our Clients